It’s early in the morning, the roosters crow in the upper part of the town of Chapinero in eastern Bogota, there luxury houses and large apartments are combined with humble dwellings that are raised with some provisional bricks and tiles. From one of these dwellings comes Olga Lucia Diaz with their two children heading to college.

In the morning, the normal image is that of a family leaves their house, except for a very particular ingredient, Olga Lucía carries her 13-year-old son.

Erik Santiago is a boy who has cerebral palsy spastic that affected all her mobility and for that reason Olga, with her scarce 155 centimeters in height, must carry her son on her back, lowering him from her house in Carrera 4ª este con calle 45 D, in a street known as “laltima” , and how you can get it down the steep streets to a point where you can catch a shuttle.

The route in principle was not difficult, Erick Santiago was a small child. time passes and now the boy is almost as tall as his momquite heavy and can’t fend for himself.

The brave woman works selling handicrafts in a sector located in another part of the city. She is on Calle 53 with Carrera 19; that is the final destination of her and her two children of hers, there Erik Santiago he can sit in the wheelchair that the Mayor’s Office of the town of Chapinero gave him (his EPS never gave it to him) and rest before going to school with his brother Samuel.

Olga Lucía is the example of a brave, strong and convinced woman who struggles alone (she is married and her husband does not help her) to raise her children. Back pain, long hours and tears are rewarded with the smile of their children and with the possibility of moving on.

This reporter accompanied her on one of her days and this is her story: