Neymar’s career has gone up and down a lot. But such a time that has never been cut. The form is getting worse, the audience is listening, the news is getting more criticism than ever. Brazil coach Tito is getting such Neymar in this year’s matches of the World Cup qualifiers. He said that the team is worried about him.

Neymar could not play many matches due to injury. Injury injury, ankle injury is standing in his way. However, in all the matches he has played, Neymar’s performance is not promising. He has scored only 5 goals in 21 matches.

There were whispers about him in such a performance. Which has increased due to the failure of PSG’s Champions League. He and Messi have been duly given by their own spectators. Neymar returned to Brazil in such a situation.

Celesaora will face Chile tomorrow morning at their home ground in Rio de Janeiro. He told reporters about his thoughts on Neymar. Said, ‘We have some common misgivings. But these things are very confidential, so these things will be inside our dressing room.

He did not reveal exactly what he was worried about. The Brazilian coach also explained the reason. “If any of my coaches had told me about my problems in my playing career, I would have protested,” he said. The things I like as a player, that’s what I’m doing as a coach. ‘

Neymar has scored in every 1.6 matches of his career. That number has risen to 4.2 this season. The Brazilian coach hopes that this will not affect Neymar in his team. Neymar has scored 60 goals in 117 appearances for Brazil. That’s why Titus hopes so.

The Brazilian coach said, ‘The reality of a player at the club, and the reality of the national team is different. A number of players have gone through different situations at their club, but all have come here with a high sense of self-worth. Neymar is accustomed to playing under pressure. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves. However, we try our best not to be under any pressure from outside.

However, even if Neymar does not perform as Titus said, there is no problem for Brazil. Five-time World Cup winners have already secured a trip to Qatar.

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