In the middle of the delivery Emergency Plan for the Protection of Life of social leaders from Colombia, the president-elect, Gustav Petro, He stated that he will propose to prohibit the carrying of weapons and not authorize permits of any kind.

“Eliminate the carrying of weapons in the city, with positive benefits according to the indicators in the reduction of homicides in the city, that is an issue that is worth assessing at the national level,” Petro said at the meeting.

And he reiterated: “Based on special permits, since there is no prohibition on carrying weapons, if a good deal, there should be no special permits, which means that seized weapons must be immediately destroyed, not resold.”

In the face of drug policy, the President PetroHe reiterated that this issue should be reconsidered.

“It is up to us to put on the world table the discussion of ending that ban. This Government must begin this discussion, first on a Latin American scale, which is our home and is the one that is suffering the consequences. We are riding in some prohibited businesses.”

And he also invited the UN to dialogue on the subject: “You see in practice, how a country suffers, all those decades, just because there is a ban. The United Nations encourages the ban and I think that needs to be discussed”.

Finally, faced with the formation of his cabinet, the president stated that he already has his Cabinet and that it will announce it in the next few days.

“When I take office, there are no problems, the Cabinet is ready,” Petro said.