Ian Williams faced the crowd in his quest for a third success at the Tot + Chester Cup on Friday.

Williams first won a two-mile two-furlong with Bullwork in 2008 and then repeated the dose 10 years later when the magic circle went into Fran Berry’s hands.

Both of these winners came in the guise of Dr. Marwan Kokak, and Malik again represented in the Williams Quartet with Rashaun, who was just over a pound more when he landed on the Ascot Stakes in a 66-1 shot at the last Royal Meeting. Summer

Rishon holds a perfect tie at the third stall, but Williams said the start would be important for the eight-year-old, and told Chester Racecourse: “He’s a little monkey Rishon.

“He won the Royal Ascot last year and returned to the Chester Cup with a fair sign. The important thing with Rishon is to get out of the stall. His whole race is mostly about how he gets out of the stall. ”

However, the wizard’s best chance could be last year’s runner-up, the Grand VC. He dropped 2lbs this time and went on to run some great races between defeats at the group and runway level last summer.

He continued, “Grand VC was second in the race last year. I was a little worried because she wasn’t fit enough to be her best that day, and she ran into an absolute storm. Then he rode a really good Royal Ascot

“She is OK. He recently knocked out a little at Wolverhampton, and he’s out of that good. I look forward to seeing him in Chester. “

Twelve months before the Grand VC, the relaxed Falcon Eight proved no match for the winner and with the title returning from a 5 over rating, Frankie Detori paid for the ride again.

After losing less than a length in the last second-tier hurdle last year, it should come as no surprise to see Ireland’s Dermat Weld advance to the top of the market, although the bet is on Solant Gateway, who are hoping to win Hugo Palmer’s first crown in Chester May. A warm seat in the stable of Michael Wayne’s Manor House in style.

Ben Curtis has been booked to win the tournament.

Palmer said: “We are excited about his chances and it would be incredible if he could win. He will need a lot of luck and a good trip and he will also have to prove his survival. He definitely wants to go a mile and run halfway. Last time, but those are six more fools so he must prove it. Survival. “

Also represented is the classic award-winning coach, who holds a 3-pound penalty for his recent win in the ribbon, and is replaced by talented coach Harry Davis.

Cleveland was fifth in the NASA-listed company when it reappeared, and guest Aidan O’Brien is now taking a significant step in just the fifth journey of his career.

Coach Balidwell told Sky Sports Racing: “We loved him when he was two years old, (but) he got a little bumpy and couldn’t run last year.

“We were looking for a race to start this year and the race we ran was a mile and a quarter runway race in Nassau. He ran very well and looked like a horse far away.

“She is OK It’s obviously much more than that, but we’re going to learn a lot about him, and he’s going to learn a lot.

“We will have an idea of ​​where to go next with him, but we are very happy with him since he came to Nass.”

He joined the line-up of Arcadian Sunrise, an associate representing John Coyle. The eight-year-old was a winner during the Ibor Festival in York last summer, but his handler was content with a place this time.

“It’s a competitive race and we’re going to expect a good ride and a little prize money, that’s all you can expect. He has won well in York, but it is a completely different track, a must have for the way he has ridden. Lots of luck. Hit the tire, we’ll be happy, “said the Irishman.

Both the Land of Winter record and track winners, it would be nice if they both could smile in their final in 2021, and they are the two who can imagine the possibility of their disruption, such as Shawn Leicester’s Torsello, where Gloucestershire handler Franny Norton hopes to book Oracle.

“We’ve got Wizard Chester on board, he’s fine and we’ll just jump for a run and see how far we can go. We’re moving into a little unfamiliar territory, but he’s been really good at Goodwood. We could have had it if it had rained a little, he would have liked it quietly, but we would have gone there and enjoyed the day, “said Lesett.

“I don’t think it’s out of his realm, if you bring out the best horse it’s 0-102 glorious, so I’m very happy with him, he did really well in the winter and he looks very strong.

“We look forward to this day and hope he is up front and enjoying himself. Franny knows the place better than anyone else and we look forward to seeing more improvements in the future. ”