In a statement the Gulf Clan would have announced the cessation of the attacks that have left dozens of policemen and soldiers dead. They point out that “as a token of goodwillwe have ordered our troops and special groups to stop any offensive military operation against government security forces.

They admitted that yes, attacks against the public force have been carried out as a form of protest against the abuses, which according to them, have been committed against the communities and their families.

“These abuses involve large-scale air operations, arbitrary arrests, beatingsuntil reaching the end of the extrajudicial executions Y false positives“, it reads.

It should be noted that the extradited and maximum leader of this organization, alias “Othniel”, I would be sending the Clan del Golfo from United States to stop the systematic murders of police and military in the country since it was affecting the civilian population.

The drug trafficker also spoke about the negotiations that could take place with the elected president, Gustavo Petro and at that time, the possible submission to justice of the Gulf Clan, to go in search of peace.

Meanwhile the authorities seek to confirm the veracity of the statement and they assure that they will continue fighting crime

Clan del Golfo would have ordered to stop the pistol plan against the Public Force / Courtesy