The former Minister of the Environment of Peru, Lucía Ruízin dialogue with planet snail At times of political transition in several Latin American countries, above any political orientation, climate change must receive a response with State policy, not simply with decisions by governments in office.

Lucía Ruíz, warned about the impact of the good condition of the Amazon forests in public health, for the quality of the air we breathe and access to drinking water, energy, economy and finances.

“Precisely of the many lessons left by more than two years of pandemic, it is not having respected the limits of nature, the manipulation of forests and species and therefore the new viruses that affect the population,” explained Lucía Ruiz .

The director of the Foundation for Conservation and Sustainable Development, Rodrigo Boterowarned that in Colombia we have critical conditions of environmental degradation in most of the ecosystems, we have pollution problems in the seas and in the main basins such as the Cauca, Magdalena, Orinoco and Amazon rivers; and a high rate of deforestation.

Faced with this situationRodrigo Botero, proposed to the new government of Gustavo Petro and the Tax Reform process to decide how the Colombian environmental sector is going to be reorganized. We must have a planetary conscience, we are part of the same house, regardless of political borders, we are part of a single planet.