The National Electoral Council decided to grant legal status to the movement League of Anti-Corruption Rulersof which the current senator is a part Rodolfo Hernandez.

“This Corporation considers that, with the purpose of to guarantee the exercise of the fundamental right to political opposition enshrined in article 112 of the Constitution, and based on an expansive interpretation of the democratic principle that implies giving tools and rights for the representation of a significant number of citizens who supported the candidacies studied here, it is indispensable to recognize legal status to the ANTI-CORRUPTION GOVERNING LEAGUE PARTY – LEAGUE”, states the resolution.

Thus, the CNE decided recognize the personality and “REGISTER provisionally to the citizen RODOLFO HERNANDEZ SUÁREZ, identified with citizenship card No. 5,561,779, as President and Legal Representative of the GOVERNING ANTI-CORRUPTION LEAGUE PARTY – LEAGUE”.

Rodolfo Hernández, who was second in the past presidential Race, He is currently a senator of the Republic, in application of the Opposition Statute.