The “cyber pots” dismantled that sold narcotics were known as “The marine”, “The Goldens”, “The Cybernetics” Y “The Tatas” that operated in cities such as Medellín, Bucaramanga and Bogotá.

“In recent weeks, operations were carried out that achieved the dismantling of 4 criminal structures, associated with the sale of drugs at the service of micro-trafficking, through the virtual market,” said the Minister of Defense, diego molanoon the balance sheet of “Plan 1000 against microtrafficking”.

A domain extinction was also performed to 44 properties which in total gather approximately 41 billion pesos.

“This work carried out with the National Police and of course with all the techniques and equipment of the Prosecutor’s Office, allows us to continue the fight against micro-trafficking Y drug trafficking that is being developed throughout the national territory,” he said. louis obandoattorney general, director of Citizen Security of the Attorney General’s Office.

It was also known that the owners of these accounts on social networks they used home applications such as Rappi to transport the drug without the platform or the household noticing using the “Rappifavor” service.

In the meantime, they have captured more than 28 thousand criminals and 11 million doses were prevented reach vulnerable communities such as schools and parks.