Juan Guillermo ‘Carachito’ Dominguez talked with Caracol Radio’s VBar about the situation in which the Deportivo Cali, team to which recently expressed his desire to return to contribute and be able to get him out of the crisis in which he finds himself.

The 35-year-old footballer, who currently plays for Boca Juniors of Cali, confirmed his wish, even without receiving money in return. In the sugar club, Valle del Cauca had two steps, in 2005 and between 2006 and 2010.

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“I had stated it some time ago, that I wanted to be on my team and that I wanted to play, I had told President Caicedo, that I wanted to be on my team and dress in green and white and more seeing the situation in which the team is and the gratitude I have with the team. I don’t care if they’re going to pay me or not because I’m a fan and I’m at a good level, I’m active. I would like and more with Mayer, with Chusco (Sierra) that I had the opportunity to work, if the opportunity arises it would be important for me, “he said.

Regarding the explanation of the situation that Cali is experiencing, he said: “The Cali team is very good, the players are good, I have had the opportunity to play with some and against them. It seems strange to me because I know they are good players and I don’t know what is going onyou always try to analyze games from the outside, but you don’t know what’s going on inside, as an experienced player you try to manage the locker room”.

Finally, regarding the work of coach Mayer Candelo, he highlighted: “Mayer has the same mentality as mine, that if he was given the opportunity, he knows that with the players he has he can make a difference, he knew the condition of the team, he went with the same confidence and surrounded himself with a capable and intelligent coaching staff, It’s a matter of bringing the footballer together with the coaching staff”.