A environmentalist it was murdered in a rural area of ​​the municipality of The Eaglenorth of Valley. Is about Javier Usechiowner of Tatayamba Rural Inna place where rescued animals are cared for.

The homicide occurred in the village of El Salado, ten kilometers from the urban area. The victim, who was also selling handicrafts, was hit several times by a firearm.

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“He was known in Tatayamba and led environmental projects. We are analyzing what to do with the more than 40 animals, including the dogs, cats and chickens that he had, we are in charge of it. He was found dead in an area located about 25 minutes,” Cristian Agudelo, El Águila’s secretary of government, told Caracol Radio.

The authorities are inviting the community that wishes to adopt some of the animals that are in the shelter to go to the Municipal Mayor’s Office.

Javier Usechi’s body is being transferred to legal medicine. The authorities are carrying out investigations to clarify the incident.