Tourism has a positive impact on an economy in full uncertainty when millions of people take their first post-pandemic vacations. However, the chaos in the air terminals in Europe and America they show the bitter face of the expected rest.

Cancellations, strikes, shortage of operators and pilots in United Kingdom, United States and Mexico. The right to rest is imposed in Spain and in Colombia there is discussion about extending vacation days. Chile patiently awaits the arrival of summer.

With the participation of:

-Amanda Sánchez, Caracol Radio correspondent in Europe.

-Diana Castrillón, Caracol Radio correspondent in Washington.

– Primitivo Olvera, chief editor of W radio Mexico.

-Mauricio Hofmann, journalist for ADN Chile.-Pablo Morán, head of the international section of Cadena SER.

-Francesco Manetto, correspondent for El País.

-Juan Pablo Calvas, general editor of W Radio Colombia.

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