Life as we know it for many is usually a miracle, for others it is destiny and would be related to the creation of an all-powerful being that gave rise to everything in the world. Land and the Universe. In this way, the beliefs of the humanity they are divided on how it all came to be and how we got to this point in history. However, opinions seem to meet when it comes to the end of life. That is, people believe that at some point everything will end.

Science has spoken before extinction and with fossils it has managed to demonstrate that at some point in the history of the Earth giant beings lived, today known as dinosaurs. According to theories, these animals died after a large asteroid fell on Earth and destroyed everything in its path. It has been clarified that this happened 60 million years ago when an asteroid fell right on the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico, and with this the mammals dominated the Earth

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From this theory several have emerged and some point out that there is the possibility that at some point a extinction and human beings disappear.

Extinction of the Human Being:

In fact, extinction has been precisely discussed five times. Scientists have mentioned that another great extinction is coming, which would be that of the anthropocene, which is the one that would end life as we know it, and that would be derived from the impact of human beings on Earth. This is explained by the fact that man is harming other species.

The term anthropocene began to become known because some time ago people began to talk about the beautiful and wonderful things that the human species did. However, human beings have also done a lot of damage with their daily activities, so much so that they have modified the Earth, and this is evident with climate change, rising temperatures and different species that have become extinct due to use or consumption. In this way, scientists point out that we are destroying the Earth.

A shocking fact has to do with the fact that man has eradicated between 150,000 and 260,000 species of animals of the 2,000,000 that were on Earth since the 16th century. With this, scientists alert society so that actions are modified and other species are not affected anymore. Another proof of the consequences of human actions are the high temperatures currently experienced in Europe and the world.

In this way, it is believed that with climate change the temperature of the planet will progressively increase, there will be more droughts, more heat, wars for water and all this will lead to mass extinction. In fact, some scientists have mentioned that this extinction has already begun.

On the other hand, Joe Biden, president of the United States, recently mentioned that his country will take measures to prevent pollution and other factors from continuing to contribute to climate change.