Luis Fernando Menanew president of Deportivo Calihe explained in dialogue with The Lengthen of Radius Snail what happened between Mayer Candelo, team coach, and Teófilo Gutiérrez, one of the main referents of the current campus.

“There was just misinformation between them. Teo went on a trip, he didn’t get to return the night he was supposed to return and, as far as I understand, he wrote to Professor Mayer around 10:30 PM, and Professor Mayer is a person who has been in the training camp since 5: 30AM, so he goes to bed very early, he didn’t see it. His habit is to get to work, not to look at a cell phone, when I look at the cell phone it was in the afternoon, the environments were already hot,” Mena commented on what happened.

And he concluded: “It was an unfortunate situation, but man, we are among adults, they already spoke and things are normal.”

The leader of the Valle del Cauca team assured that Teófilo Gutiérrez would be part of the group of summoned players who will travel with Cali on Saturday to Bogota to face the leader Millionaires.

In the meantime, he regretted the departure of Harold Precious, with whom he said he spoke after his departure from the club. “Unfortunately I’m going to tell you this, I realized what happened to Harold Preciado a few days after hearing it, when I heard his statements, I immediately called him. I kept calling him for several days. When I finally managed to talk to him, We talked for a long time and about many topics, the love he has for Cali, me telling him about his need for Cali for him”.

“He told me ‘Vice, if I hadn’t left my phone and had this conversation, just as you are putting it to me, I didn’t come to Mexico for money, because I wanted to play the Copa Libertadores, I wanted to get her out, fight her so that Cali would be champion of the Copa Libertadores'”he added.

In this regard, he pointed out: “Preciado would have been there, I think it would have been another value but he told me ‘if I had not left my phone and this call would have come earlier, I’m not here in Mexico for the money, my heart was with Cali and I wanted to continue. I already signed and I can’t take this back.