James Franco will play Fidel Castro in Alina de Cuba, a film that will address the complex relationship between the Cuban dictator and his daughter Alina. The film, which will be directed by the Spanish filmmaker Miguel Bardemwill focus on recounting how she was exiled from her native country and became a strong defender of social rights.

In this way, Franco, who after winning the Golden Globe Best Actor for his performance in Disaster Artsitwas the protagonist of a notorious scandal after being accused of sexually harassing several actresses, returns to the film industry in a film that will adapt the autobiography of Alina Fernandezthe rebellious daughter of Fidel Castro, published in 1997.

As reported TheWrap, production, which will start take place on August 15 in Colombia and will have Miguel Bardem (Mortadelo and Filemón. Mission: save the Earth, Twelfth Night, More than love, frenzy) behind the scenes from a script developed by José Rivera and Nilo Cruz, a playwright of Cuban-American origin, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 2003 for his work in the play, Anna in the Tropics.

The film will recount the life of Fernández, who until he was 10 years old did not know who his father was and who, over time, would become one of his most recognized critics. Although, it would not be until after she joined a political movement against her that she was prohibited from leaving Cuba. However, in 1993 she, disguised as her, managed to flee from her native country to Spain, to later arrive in the United States, where she still resides today at the age of 66.

And who will also be involved in this project, will be the actress who will be in charge of interpreting Natalia “Naty” Revoltthe famous Cuban celebrity whose romance with Castro gave rise to the birth of her daughter, whom she will play on the big screen, Ana Villafañe, mainly known for giving life to Gloria Estefan in the Broadway musical, On Your Feet.

Produced by Mankind Entertainment With Celine Rattray Y Trudie Styler from Maven Screen Media, Alina from Cuba has in her cast, in addition to those already mentioned, Franco, Villafañe and Maestro, with Alanna de la Rosa (Sin senos no hay paríso), María Cecilia Botero (Encanto), Harding Junior (Blue Daemon). Sian Chiong (Warrior Heart) and Rafael Ernesto Hernández (Lisanka), complete the cast of the film that still does not have a release date.