As the hours go by, the crisis worsens in the rural area of ​​the municipality of Tibú, which are affected due to the intense rains that have generated the increase in the flows of the Catatumbo and Rio de Oro rivers and landslides.

About 20 corregimientos and villages in the rural area of ​​Tibú make a call for the municipal risk management unitaddress the situation, they also expect him to send humanitarian aid to the more than 800 families residing in these areas.

Franklin Minorta corregidor of the barge told Caracol Radio that, “right now we are flooded in a sector of La Gabarra and the rural sectors, downriver from Catatumbo, they are quite flooded, quite affected by this situation of the winter wave”.

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“Approximately 20 communities that are in the downstream sector, Río de Oro sector, La Colombiana, San José, those sectors that are always flooded.”

The rains persist throughout the Catatumbo region, leaving behind landslides and road problems.