Colombia is preparing the inauguration of Gustavo Petro as the new president of Colombia for the period 2022-2026, and the great changes that would come for a government that supports the Peace Process signed in 2016 and has the challenge of resuming the benefits for ex-combatants who they saw changes in the outgoing government.

One of them is Alexa Rochi, a former combatant of the FARC who will be the event photographer possession this Sunday, and who spoke at 10AM about his time at the warfarewho abandoned arms to be part ofThe Peace Process.

Alexa said that when she was 15 years old, her father tried to rape her and for this they moved from Tulua until the Caguanwhere the FARC gave them a house and she decided to join the ranks.

The hardest thing was learning how to eat and military training. In the FARC there was a motto that the head is armed first, that is to say that the reason for their existence and what they proposed is explained, and then the weapons are taught”, he said.

The veteran She said that when she was part of the guerrilla group, a companion taught her the basic concepts of photography, and in 2015 she was sent as a delegate to learn a propaganda course for the 50th Anniversary of the guerrilla.

Later, with the signing of the plebiscite, he had the opportunity to travel to Havana in 2016 and consolidate his dream of being a photographera dream that came true because next Sunday she will be the official photographer of Gustavo Petro during his possession.

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“I feel that my dreams have come true after the plebiscite, but there is the bittersweet feeling that the implementation has been very null by the outgoing governmentsince 250 signatories have been assassinated,” he assured.

The ex-combatant said that his dream is to be part of the Petro communications team and that it will continue to take steps in this task.