In the midst of the spiritual possession that indigenous, peasant and Afro-descendant organizations offered to the president-elect Gustavo Petro Yet the Vice President Francia Marquezthe social leader assured that she is waiting for the future head of state to define what his role will be in the new government, which takes office on August 7.

“I know that a large part of people’s hope lies in what France does, but what I can do in this government will depend on the functions that the president delegates to me. Of course, my voice, my being, my struggle and everything will be That is why we have been talking to him, insisting on what our role will be, how we are going to accompany the exercise of government, as peoples, as women, as communities, who are committed to change and transformation,” said Márquez.

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On the other hand, the vice president also recognized that “we have to be clear that we are not going to change 500 years of oppression and exclusion in 4 years. But we are laying the foundations for a transformation in favor of life, peace and social justice, racial, gender and economic. We need to be holding hands. We have taken an important step. Reaching the Presidency and the Vice Presidency is not an end, but a means to continue betting on the transformations that our country requires”.

After Márquez, Petro also delivered a few words especially addressed to these popular organizations. “They must be coordinated nationally, regardless of the differences between thinking and feeling. We do not want the government to replace and co-opt the popular movement; it would be bad if we did. What we need is for them to be autonomous from the government. (…) They try to inaugurate a government with the social movements, not an executive over the social movements or to extinguish them”.

In this sense, in what was his last public event before taking office as the new president of the Republic, Petro concluded by emphasizing that “the president is an agent, and that word means ‘doing the errand’. Who orders it? people. The people are the principal, and I am the president”.