The Cordovan Alfred Morelos rHe appeared with a goal with the Scottish Rangersin a 2-0 victory over Kilmarnock. The Colombian sealed the victory of his team, at stake for the second date of the championship.

Morelos, who entered the field of play at 64 minutes for Antonio Colak, was reported with a goal at minute 88appearing unmarked at the far post only to have to push a ball parallel to the goal.

Buffalo had not played since March 20, in the 1-2 win against Dundee. The attacker was sidelined due to thigh surgery in April.

Rangers’ first goal had been the work of Colak in the 51st minute, precisely whom he ended up replacing.

Morelos was one of the most notorious Colombian soccer players in the past transfer market. Despite being related to equipment Spain and England, will continue in Scotlandwhere its renewal is very close to materializing.