A bill will be filed in the Congress of the Republic in the next few days that seeks the progressive ban on the sea export of animals alive for the purpose of consumption, from Senator Andrea Padilla, who calls them “ships of death”.

Francisco Javier Osorio Martinez, technical director of quarantine ICA (Colombian Agricultural Institute), said in Radius Snail “We do not approve the shipment until we are certain that all animal welfare requirements are met,” about this economic activity on which nearly 700,000 families in the country depend and more than 600 truckers who They move the specimens from the farms to the boats, as Fedegán points out.

He also said that the ICA is responsible for verifying the spaces (pens) that are presented on the ship’s plans, where the number of animals that can be comfortably accommodated in a given space without generating overcrowding is checked.

The amount of food for the number of animals carried on the ship, the drinking water available, and the ventilation required by the animals are confirmed. Osorio clarifies that So far there has been no situation of mortality or any other type of irregularity during the process.