Chelsea had all the chances to reach the UEFA Champions League semi-finals. But Real Madrid dashed his hopes by showing his achievement in the tournament. Benzema had the key again. However, Modric could not be noticed in such a performance.

With a strong dose of trouble. Because in a moment their lead faded with two goals from London. And then they were able to turn the score around when it looked like they had lost everything with their 3-0 win over Chelsea.

Real Madrid have reached the semi-finals of the Champions League in extra time. Heading Karim Benzema. A historic player who will be in the history of the wonderful club.

The ten semifinals in the last 12 editions of the Champions League are proof of the undisputed power. For the crucial significance in the original position. Real Madrid are one of those who stand up when everything is lost.

It is difficult to understand how it could go from a proud victory in England to a severe one. And almost to the point of exclusion. This is the work of Real Madrid which does not fascinate football. But the shirt has weight.

Chelsea, the holders of the Champions League, have done almost everything at the Santiago Bernabeu. With the ticket in hand, they increased the lead from 1-3 to 3-0.

Real Madrid was full of doubts and anxieties. The Blues also scored four goals. One of them, Marcos Alonso, refused VAR because of his handball. A right decision, although many do not want to understand it. The rules are clear: if there is a handball in the goal, it cannot be counted.

Match full of emotion
Real Madrid failed to score in the first half. After 51 minutes, Mason Mount and Antonio Rudigar equalized for Chelsea. Then there was the unauthorized target. But Timo Warner scored a great goal to make it 3-0. The total score was 4-3 for Chelsea.

The off button is gone and Real Madrid appears. Heavyweights who have reached the semifinals of 31 Champions Leagues in history. The final winner of the tournament.

A decisive pass from Luca Modric in stoppage time crowned Rodrigo’s goal. Hopefully the match will take overtime.

There Karim Benzema scored on a header, just like in London. Real Madrid have qualified for the semi-finals of the new Champions League.