The inflation annual in Colombia as of July it reached 10.21%, a situation that had not occurred since April 2020, as confirmed by the director of the DANE, John Daniel Oviedo.

He explained that this result was marked by foods with a rebound of 24.61%, restaurants which includes the current with 15.20% and goods and services with 13.58%.

According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics in the period January-July, the inflation it reached 7.96% as a result of the strong rise in food with 17.10%, goods and services with 11.93% and restaurants with 10.66%.

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In the month of July the consumer’s price index I sensed an increase of 0.81%, due to the rise in clothing with 3.60%, food 1.17% due to the rise in the price of chicken, beef, vegetables, sugar, bread, lentils and beans.