Palermo (Italy), March 25, 2022 (BSS / AFP): Italy will not be able to play in the World Cup in Qatar. For the second time in a row, Italy lost the chance to play in the final of the World Cup. The former world champions unfortunately lost 1-0 to Northern Macedonia in a play-off match in Palermo yesterday.
In the second minute of injury time, the European champions lost dramatically when Alexander Trokovsky’s low dive caught the ball. Surprise Package Macedonia will face Portugal in the final qualifying play-off with this victory. The winning team will get a chance to play in the Qatar World Cup in November.
After the defeat, Roberto Mancini’s disciples were severely insulted by the audience. The Azzurri have to wait until 2026 to play in the World Cup in this defeat. Earlier, Italy could not play in the World Cup after failing in the play-off in 2016.

At the end of the game, Italy captain Giorgio Chiellini said it was difficult to explain. This is a huge failure. We played well, but failed to score. We’ve been making mistakes since September and paying for it. We are very concerned.
The match was expected to be dominated by Italy. But as usual, they had to struggle like other matches in recent times. They did not have the skills to take advantage of the opportunities they created against the visiting team.
The host Italy had a chance to advance within half an hour of the match. Dominico Berardi received the ball as a gift from goalkeeper Stol Dimitrievsky. But this indomitable Sassuolo winger in club football took a long time to take the shot. As a result, Dmitrievsky’s arm changed direction and the ball went out.
After that, Italy has made a face-to-face attack on the opponent. But the Azzurri had to disappoint the spectators in the end as they failed to take advantage of the opportunity to score. Hosts Italy were seen to be desperate at one point to get a breakthrough. But nothing worked.
On the contrary, the spectators who flocked to Italy in unwavering support finally stood up and greeted Macedonia without a field.

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