John Stephen Lewin, Colombian journalist, spoke on Caracol Radio’s 6AM Hoy por Hoy about his new position at the helm of the editorial office of the EL PAÍS América newspaper in Colombia.

“It is a very interesting opportunity, in my case, for my professional growth. It is a great challenge to have just as good growth they have had in these months,” said the journalist.

Lewin mentioned that one of the main bets of EL PAÍS is to be the global newspaper in spanish and that the newspaper of EL PAÍS de América in Colombia as a: “little son of El País de España” has the commitment to generate more articles but at the same time higher impact quality.

Regarding the future of the newspaper from the possession of the new government of Gustav Petro, the new editor-in-chief commented that: “it is a historically very interesting process, with positive and negative edges, tensions and very high expectations. What is to come, in journalistic terms, It’s a challenging cover.”