August is undoubtedly the ideal month to fly kites, a fun activity for adults and children, due to the increase in winds that occurs on those dates.

However, the whole phenomenon of the winds in August has an explanation and from the IDEAMassured that this special event begins because there are wind currents, which are almost constant in the tropical zone and that run in the hemisphere north from the northeast and in the southern hemisphere from the southeast and these winds are called ‘trade winds’.

The ‘trade winds’ by having components, some from the north and others from the south, come together. The area where they meet is called the intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ), which moves throughout the year towards the l south or north, usually in the month of August in the extreme north of the national territory of Colombiawhich allows the trade winds from the southeast flow over the center and south of the country. This is the reason why August is the most favorable month in terms of the presence of winds, especially in Bogota.

So get ready and get ready to fly a kite in the Colombian capital. ūü™Ā