Gainesville, Florida. (April 22, 2020) – For the second season in a row, the Tennessee women’s tennis team advanced to the semifinals of the SEC Championship after beating 12th seed Auburn 4-2 on Friday night at the Alfred A-Ring Tennis Complex.

Rebecca Martina was the singles champion, providing match-breaking points, but it was the doubles attack that helped Tennessee (15-8) win the quarterfinals.

Lady Volunteers came out in warm white attire and moved quickly with multiple games across three courts. Tenica McGiffin and Elsa Thomas set the tone for the doubles, beating Jorge Axon / Adeline Flach’s Auburn pair 6-0. 71 picks Ether Odichina and Rebecca Martina sealed the deal with ninth-seeded Celine Offank / Ariana Arsenal 6-3 on Court 1, winning the top ten.

“It was a great performance for the girls,” said Jared Chaplin, assistant technical director. “The nature of a tennis tournament is that you celebrate it, but we have to work tomorrow. I think the opportunity to try to repeat this kind of performance should be very exciting for our girls. They can do it, I know they can. And that is what we will try to do tomorrow. “

Martina finished the job on Court 1, but it was her second set that changed the pace of the match for Tennessee. The former lost the first set 4-6 and went to tiebreak in the second set. Celine Ofunk led Auburn 5-2 to tiebreak, but Martina did not finish the fight. He demanded a break and forced the third set to vibrate the next five points. From there, he never looked back, winning the third set 6-2 and sending Lady Valls home victorious.

“I believed in everything I was doing,” said Martina, discussing how she turned the script around in the tiebreak. “I tried to focus on what I could do and play everything point by point. I knew from the start of the match that I was going to win, I had to believe in myself and say ‘I got it’. “

Auburn scored his first two singles points, winning Court 2 and 4. TN, who has fought on other courts since the Martina match, was quickly answered with answers on Courts 3 and 5.

Elsa Tomasi won the first single for Lady Vols, defeating Caroline Ansari 6-3, 7-5 in Court 3. Daria Kagzar quickly followed it. Win the first set 6-4, then drop the next set 4-6. Kuczer shrunk and finished the job with a 6-3 win for the third.

The full results of Friday night’s game can be found below.


Alfred A. at 3 p.m. Lady Valls will face three-time pick Georgia in the SEC semifinals at the Ring Tennis Complex. Match tickets can be purchased here. For the first time this season, Tennessee will appear on SEC Network +, available to those who can view the SEC. Saturday match broadcasts can be found here.

The journey of revenge

Tennessee are seeking revenge for last season’s loss to Georgia in the SEC semifinals. The Bulldogs beat Lady Falls 4-0 in Tuscaloosa on their way to the championship game.

Elsa breaks ten freshmen

Elsa Thomasi’s straight set win on Court 3 is her 28th win of the season. This puts it in seventh place among the unique new winners in the history of the program.

BEKS up to 80

After winning the match on Court 1, Rebecca Martina recorded her 80th single victory as Lady Vol.

# 26 Tennessee 4, # 12 Auburn 2


1. # 34 Martina, Rebecca (teenager) defeated. # 35 Celine Ofunk (Australia) 4-6, 7-6 (7-5), 6-2

2. # 65 Ariana defeated Arsenal (Australia). # 60 McGeevin, Teneca (Tin) 6-2, 6-3

3. # 121 Tomasi, Elsa (Tin) defeated. # 107 Caroline Ansari (Australia) 6-3, 7-5

4. Georgie Axon (AU) Diff. Adishina, Esther (Tin) 7-6 (8-6), 6-3

5. Kujar, Daria (teenager) defeated. Adeline Flach (Australia) 6-4, 4-6, 6-3

6. Yu Chen (Australia) vs. Molinaro, Eleonora (Teenagers) 6-7 (2-7), 7-6 (7-3), 3-2, Incomplete

My husband

1. # 71 Martina, Rebecca / Aadeshina, Esther (Tin) defeated. # 9 Celine Ofunk / Ariana Arsenalt (Australia) 6-3

2. McGeevin, Teneca / Tomasi, Elsa (Tin) defeated. Georgie Axon / Adeline Flach (Australia) 6-0

3. Caroline Ansari / Madeline Meredith (Australia) vs. Molinaro, Eleonora / Kutcher, Daria (Teen) 4-3, Unfinished