Football boasts LeBron James and rival Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of the likes on the rich list and consumes $ 130 million a year in pre-tax consumption from off-field and off-field pursuits.

Messi, who earns $ 75 million a year playing football, also benefits from a $ 55 million sponsorship and endorsement deal.

This is the second time that Argentina tops the Forbes list and the last time is in 2019.

The top 10 high-income earners, all of whom are men, collectively earned $ 992 million in pre-tax income last year.

Messi has been criticized for some of his off-field patronage, as he recently promoted tourism in Saudi Arabia. He took pictures in the country and posted a picture on his personal Instagram account with the hashtag #VisitSaudi.

The country has long been accused of playing sports to hide its poor human rights record.
The New York Times reporter tweeted, “Recent additions to Messi’s sources of income: Qatar, the controversial crypto firm Sociাসs and Saudi Arabia. The man must eat, “tweeted Tariq Banga , a New York Times reporter .
CNN reached out to Macy’s representatives for comment, but did not immediately return a request for comment.

Messi’s first season at Paris Saint-Germain was disappointing.
NBA star James is second on the rich list, earning 121.2 million a year.

The Los Angeles Lakers forward may have missed the playoffs this season, but he is out of control off the field, benefiting from his talk shows and last year’s championship. Space Jam: A New Legacy Movie.

Forbes estimates that James is now worth $ 850 million.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has completed the top three by earning 5 115 million since moving from Juventus to Manchester United.

The Portuguese star earns much like Messi from his unparalleled presence on social media.

Ronaldo has 690 million followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, which allows him to benefit from higher sponsorship fees from several companies.

Forbes calculates estimates based on estimates of prize money, salaries and bonuses, as well as sponsorship deals and other off-field revenue streams.