Winner Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serano is looking to win after defeating Jennifer Han in a unanimous decision to defend her WBO and IBF Super Featherweight titles.

The 31-year-old California was influential in his home state, and although Han inflicted a wound near the champion’s left eye in the first round, Meyer was in full control and smashed his opponent’s nose in the fourth with a straight left hook. A left hook. .

The judges scored 100-90, 100-90 and 99-91 in his favor, adding to Mayer’s superiority in the fight.

This was Mayer’s third title defense (17-0, 5 KOs), and his first as the Unified World Champion. He did everything but force Han to land by the 3-1 clip (192-63).

Mayer is now keen to consolidate the division with a match against WBC champion Alicia Bamgardner or WBA champion Hyun Mi Choi but says he will move to lightweight to fight Taylor or Serano if these fights do not agree.

Mayer told ESPN in an interview after the day’s fight .

Photo: Mayer now wants to unite the department

“I want that fight, but if they don’t give me that fight in time, I get frustrated, the challenge of playing and winning to emerge from Syrano vs. Katie Taylor.”

The mayor added, “I think I did a lot of good work there. I think her movement is the best thing she can do and it bothers you. ”

“I got short runs, so I had to remove them and stay behind Jab. Coach Al (Mitchell) reminded me to stay behind Jab, put my right hand.

“She is OK. Overall, she’s a tough, tough girl. So we chose him for this fight. We knew he would push me, but I think I did well. ”

“I wanted to stop the game and remember that I hit him in the eighth round, I almost finished it. Another reason to be a fan of the three minute round. ”

Mayor: The shields are too rough for the marshal
Michaela Mayer believes Clarissa Shields will “rise to the top” when she faces Savannah Marshall, as she looks forward to announcing her undisputed world title fight in the coming days.

Shields sat on the ringside as Marshall staged an angry match in Newcastle last Saturday, smashing Vicky Harmans into the canvas in a third-round knockout victory and drawing everyone’s attention to the opponent.

Photo: Mayer backs Clarissa Shields to defeat Savannah Marshall when the pair face off

His coach Peter Fury described the Hartlepool fighter as the “biggest hitter” in women’s boxing, but teammate Mayer insisted that Shields would have a scary mindset as he would try to avenge the amateur rate on Marshall.

“I thought it was biased because Clarissa was my teammate and friend,” Meyer said.

“I see him coming up, but I’ll be there to support him anyway. I can’t wait. “