the president of millionairesEnrique Camacho, spoke with The Radius Snail Extensionor about the current situation of the team. Meanwhile, he referred to the valuation of the team’s payroll as the most valuable according to transfer markt, the objective of the semester, already Alberto Gamer.

“We did not have that in our accounts, these estimates depend on the evolution of the teams and We are pleased that you see Millionaires and their players with such attractive market profiles“He said about payroll.

“The payroll that is estimated in the market that could have a higher level of transaction, For me, the most valuable payroll is that of Millionaires, not only economically but also personally“, he added about it.

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For his part, regarding the team’s goal for the semester, he mentioned: “The goal is always to be champion, and that is what we have been working on in this process with Professor Gameroa structured process to have a stable game model, which does not change and can be maintained regardless of the incorporation or withdrawal of players and we are satisfied with the fulfillment that has been given to the objectives”.

Finally, he showed confidence in Alberto Gamero’s process for the future: “We have the vision of building a game model process that lasts in the institution, it has to have a technical direction that progresses and corrects, as well as capitalizing on virtues They are slow, constant and safe processes. We are satisfied with what Gamero has done, so we want his dimension in the club to be long-term, looking towards the stability of a group that has managed to incorporate into Millonarios a model of juice that many respect and seek titles, which is the goal that many of us have”.