The first case was confirmed monkey pox in BucaramangaThis was stated by the Secretary of Health of Bucaramanga, Juan José Rey, in an interview with Caracol Radio. This is a 35-year-old man who spent a few days in Bogotá and returned to Bucaramanga.

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This person had been tested in previous days and today the Health Institute confirmed it. The man is isolated at home and they are taking the necessary measures, meanwhile the city’s clinics and hospitals are training for the possible arrival of more cases.

From the Secretary of Health of Bucaramanga, a call is being made to the communities not to be alarmed after learning of this positive case of the monkey pox.

At the moment we are on alert for monkeypox, but we must confirm that it has had a lethality of only approximately 5%.

However, we are going through monkeypox, citizens are asked to have prevention to avoid contagion.