NBA – The Atlanta Hawks had a great game and beat Charlotte Hornet by about 30 points. The next stop in the play-in is their match against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Reaching the NBA playoffs will be a win or a win.

And the Atlanta Hawks, with 24 points and 10 assists from Trey Young, beat the Charlotte Hornets 132-103. They already have a date with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second and final round of the play-offs. Tomorrow at 5 p.m., they will face each other to see who gets the NBA playoff tickets.

It was a match between two teams who had the same record in the regular season. They also took part in four direct clashes. But at the crucial moment, the depths of the Atlanta Hawks emerge. Six players finished with more than 13 points.

In addition to Young’s 24 points, DeAndre Hunter scored 22. And 16 of these came in the third quarter. Danilo Galinari scored 18 points, Clint Kabila 15 points and Kevin Huerter and Bogdan Bogdanovich 13 points.

The Charlotte Hornets have ended their season with a game that has not matched their performances in recent weeks. After winning 7 of 9 games in the NBA regular season

Lamelo Paul contributed 26 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists. But his team has never been able to compete with the winning Atlanta Hawks. The internal court factor was also a major factor.

The stars went unnoticed
The Hornets and Young Hawks, the stars of each team, started slowly. But it was Kevin Hutter who led Atlanta with ten points and three of three three-pointers. Which gave his team a 13-point lead 29-16 in the first quarter.

Clint Capella stunned the Charlotte Hornets in the first quarter, with 10 points and 6 rebounds. LaMello Ball collected just 3 points and Miles Bridge just 2.

The Atlanta Hawks led 60-52 in the first half. And with only 8 points despite Trey Young being 3rd out of 13.

The Atlanta Hawks, in support of their fans, hastened to the opening of the third quarter. And they put Charlotte Hornets on the ropes with a powerful Capella dunk to extend the lead to 79-63.

The blow was so severe that the third episode ended with the sound of 102-76 which condemned the Hornets. Although the hawks did not release gas. However, they played very quietly.

The Atlanta Hawks have qualified for the first test of this drama and will need another win. This time on the road against the Cleveland Cavaliers. To gain access to the NBA Playoffs. The Miami hit challenged the Kings of the Eastern Conference.

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