They serve frozen dicuiries at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, have a nap shop at Atlanta State Farm Arena, perform regularly at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, and receive traffic from Oscar-winning movies and the “hoop that strategy.”

Fortunately, all three teams are currently in the post-season. No. Second pick Memphis Grizzlies is preparing for their first round game against the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Atlanta Hawks and New Orleans Pelicans will play Friday. When the Grizzlies are in the post-season, their fans show up, and last night the crowds in both Atlanta and New Orleans bring such energy that they sometimes abuse it for not being around for the night.

For most teams, it takes post-season time for fans to feel the power through your TV, and hopefully the Pelicans and Hawks will win their games on Friday, so at least one play-off we can all enjoy in this urban treat treat the Unique Three which is everything in some game. Stacked.

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The beauty of NBA is that the games are more intimate. Players are not hidden from view by shoulder pads and ball caps, and arenas usually have no more than 18,000 people. Ordinary Patrick Beverly jumps on the scorer’s table in Minnesota and throws his shirt at the stand, angering fans, or Joachim Noah rollingStadium fans after three wins in overtime. Legendary sports writer Frank Deford once described the NBA as having more sexual appeal than any other sport and you will find out where it came from. Since the fans are very close to the stadium, there are only 10 players at a time and they do not wear equipment, this gives the spectators a great opportunity to be attracted to the game because they can see everything. You get the experience of watching a whole game, and when you see pelicans, hawks and grizzlies playing at home, culture is part of that experience.

Memphis is a unique city for a variety of reasons. Its metropolitan areas, for example, include northern Mississippi and western Arkansas. This is a very different southern experience from the rest of Tennessee in Smoky Mountain. In a Memphis corner, they have some Mississippi blues to go with Barbie. It ‘s a town that, as Joe Morant said of Grizzlies, “doesn’t smoke, it goes over the chimney.” During the Verge, Sister Thugs and Harmony saw it firsthand in Oz’s fight against the Three or Six Mafia. Never forget what Jack Randolph’s career and perception of personality was like when he first came to Memphis. He is now the Honorary Life Mayor of the city.

When you first arrive in New Orleans, you look around and ask yourself if you are still in America. French, Caribbean and Spanish influences are cooked in this gorgeous gumbo that you can walk around all day without ever getting bored. This is a place where you can find a foam party at 3:30 pm and do your own shopping. Parade for $ 300 if you hit the second line mood. It’s more basketball than you think. Pelican power has averaged more than 90 percent over the years, and with a team that has finished more than 0.500 times three times since 2010. Also, the Manny Fresh and Juvenile method regularly towards the end of the first half of the season, any team that gives their fans that kind of fun will be fine with me.

Atlanta, this is where I saw a long, colorful Peanut Butter car hit the road during the Car and Bike Show of the year, and the words “Peanut Butter” printed on the side of the car. DJs and karaoke can compete at a bar during Game Seven of the Eastern Conference Finals, and eating means a party bus running from Migos can penetrate your conversation. It’s a place that does great things, and the Falcons are sure to follow suit with stadium renovations – the plaza has a real club as well as a barber shop. Atlanta is notorious for not supporting its teams, but it forgives the community for having other options when parties are annoying. However, go for the United Soccer or Hawks playoffs. You will quickly see that if you give people something to support, they will do the hard work.

Three great American cities, all different but all embrace the same thing, fun. And while last night’s games in Atlanta and New Orleans weren’t as believable as Tuesday’s Timberwolves-Clippers game, the atmosphere in both courtyards was buzzing, and as usual, it felt like the cities the two teams represented. … So I’m rooting for three teams as much as possible, because I love NBA basketball, I love to have a good time, and I love the fact that these three teams can embrace the culture of their city and spend the whole crowd rejoicing. Beware of stunts. “!”

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