These are the top newss of this August 5 in Colombia and the world: inflation, China and Taiwan, a lightning strike near the White House in the United States, a list of Comptroller candidates and murdered policemen in Jamundí, Valle del Cauca.

Released due to expiration of terms alias ‘Memo Fantasma’

Guillermo León Acevedo, alias ‘Ghost Memo‘, investigated for money laundering and illicit enrichment.

According to judge 40 of guarantee control, 242 days have passed since the filing of the indictment and to date the trial against ‘Memo Fantasma’ has not started, who was deprived of liberty in July 2021.

News Friday 4:00 pm.

  • The appointed Minister of Education, Alejandro Gaviria, spoke in Cali about creating the superintendency for education.
  • The Sijin captured a police major who works as commander of the Yarumal municipality station in Antioquia.
  • The vice president of the International Finance Corporation, Alfonso García Mora, assured that they have close positions with the incoming government of Colombia to deepen economic alliances in the midst of the current global financial crisis.

10:00 am Inflation and death of the Peruvian actor and singer, Diego Bertie

-Market analysts estimate that inflation will continue close to 10% for the remainder of the year.

-The Electoral Observation Mission assured that a “favorable environment” is seen in Congress for the processing of the political reform that the new Government will establish.

-The orange alert continues in the Colombian Caribbean Sea due to climatic complications that will affect activities for fishermen and tourists.

-The Colombian Foreign Ministry reported that the Supreme Court of China changed the sentence for two Colombians who were sentenced to death.

-Through social networks, young people are meeting to carry out illegal pique competitions in Caquetá.

-Peruvian actor and singer Diego Bertie died at the age of 54, after falling from the 14th floor of a building where he lived in the Lima district of Miraflores, in Peru. He was found with multiple fractures on his body.

-They extend until August 11 the call to finance companies in the cultural sector.

Two people died after being struck by lightning outside the White House.

Lightning struck just in front of the White House in the middle of a strong storm in Washington DC, four people were seriously injured, two of those hospitalized died this Friday.

Four people, two men and two women, were seriously injured after being struck by lightning just before 7 p.m. Thursday in Lafayette Park just north of the White House. More information

National News 9:00 a.m.

  • The national government revealed that the collection of royalties for the biennium 2021 to 2022 has already been fulfilled.
  • Congressmen and Atlantic unions warn that the Ciénaga-Barranquilla viaducts would not have guaranteed resources to be double lane.
  • Richard Moreno, one of the members of the delegation of the government of Gustavo Petro in the Regional dialogues in Chocó, denounced on 6AM that an armed group held part of the delegation yesterday when they were traveling by boat on the Atrato River from Quibdó to the municipality of Bojayá . More information
  • The number of displaced people in Balboa, Cauca continues to rise. There are already more than 400 citizens who have had to leave their homes due to the heavy fighting.
  • Pasto signed the binational agreement with the city of Ibarra, Ecuador, to create the binational route that will serve to strengthen tourism integration between the two nations.

Annual inflation in Colombia reached 10.21%, confirmed DANE

The annual inflation in Colombia as of July it reached 10.21%, a situation that had not occurred since April 2020, as confirmed by the director of DANE, Juan Daniel Oviedo.

He explained that this result was marked by foods with a rebound of 24.61%, restaurants which includes the current with 15.20% and goods and services with 13.58%.

Two policemen are injured after armed attack in Jamundí

Two policemen were injured after being attacked by armed individuals on the Pan-American highway at the height of the Municipality of Jamundi,in an area known as Las Veraneras.

One of the soldiers was taken in a taxi to a health center, while the other hid in the bushes while reinforcements arrived.

This is how the new list of 10 candidates for the Comptroller’s Office was left

The Accidental Commission of the Congress of the Republic defined the new list of candidates for the Comptroller General, after listening to the candidates in a public hearing.

The 10 applicants to the Comptroller are:

  • Andres Castro Franco
  • Monica Elsy Certain
  • Elsa Yazmin Gonzalez
  • Carlos Perez Gelvez
  • louis carlos pineda
  • Maria Fernanda Rangel
  • Carlos Hernan Rodriguez
  • Victor Salcedo
  • Diana Carolina Torres
  • Louis Ferdinand Good

Chinese Army Fires Projectiles Into Taiwan Strait

the chinese army fired shells into the Taiwan Straitn this Thursday, AFP journalists confirmed, shortly after the start of important military maneuvers around the island claimed by Beijing.

In Pingtan, a Chinese island located near the ongoing maneuvers, opposite Taiwan, AFP journalists saw around 1:13 p.m. (05:13 GMT) several small projectiles, fired from the vicinity of military installations, rise into the sky, followed by a white smoke trail.