Keneso, Georgia. —— Four hours and 21 minutes later, the 12th-seeded Georgia Bulldogs made their debut with a 17-15 win over Keneso State here on Tuesday in front of 1,365 fans at the Steelwell Stadium.

The teams have combined each score in six of the nine frames and are goalless in the third, seventh and ninth rounds. The Bulldogs used eight bowlers at night while the Boomers used seven bowlers in the longest game of the season for both clubs.

Georgia (25-8) recorded five runs in three strokes and four walks in the first. In the frame, Sophomores Corey Collins and Parks Harper collected RBI singles to extend their hit streak to six and eight games. Connor Tate, Channy Rogers and Corey Acton earned RBI as he sent the Bulldogs 10 on the plate against Sophomore McKenzie Steels. Freshman Georgia Coleman Willis, who had just begun his fourth career, could not get on the field, allowing three runs and four runs in one stroke to hit the bat. Outside of the two and one, the Bulldogs looked at little Michael Pollock that the owls had also finished the race with the fight. After 44 minutes, Georgia headed in 5-2.

With one per second, Collins led his team to the top ninth run 6-4. Georgia turned to Sophomore’s Will Pearson from the right to start the second. Cash Young tied the RBI-Double to finish third in 6-5 games. Georgia had a pair of runs in the fourth innings but the Owls tied the match at 8-all with three runs in the half.

The Big Bulldogs hit second baseman Corey Acton on a home run to give Georgia a 9-8 lead starting in the fifth. Hank Bearden’s singles tie with right-footed Ole’s Spencer Hanson is ninth to fifth. In sixth place, Georgia led 10-9 with a song from bowler Smith Benson’s Gauntlet surrounding Channy Rogers. Acton single-handedly followed him twice and Rogers eventually scored on the field 13-9. Connor Tate added two double-play singles ahead 15-9. KSU answered again, closing the gap to 15-12 with three runs in five strokes. With two contestants and two, Georgia brought in Max Dezong to rescue Davis Rakas, who swung to send Hansen to seventh. On the seventh floor, Georgia handed the game to Sophomore Jaden Woods and retired the boom order and took eighth and ninth to save his third. With two outs in the eighth,

Tate made his fifth home run of the season, making it 17-12 in a two-round blast to the left. He celebrated his 18th career at home and tied his career with the 5-RBI Knight for the fourth time. However, when Georgia scored for the sixth time in eight rounds, the owls responded. KSU cut Georgia’s lead to 17-15 with two hits and one error in three games. Both teams failed to score in the ninth match. Bearden won 2–1, and King Saud University slipped 21–10 to Nathan Haller 3–3.

Georgia baseball coach Scott Stricklin said, “I thought tonight we showed a lot of toughness because it wasn’t pretty and we found a way to win.” “Max (Dejong) made a big strike and Jaden (Woods) came in and stopped him. We are still forcing the boys to come forward. We’ve hit some people, hopefully we can get up and get well. Expansion. ”

Georgia returns to the Southeast Conference on Thursday when it hosts the Texas A&M (20-12, 6-6 SEC). The first pitch is set for 6pm, and the game will be available on SECN + as well as the Georgia Bulldog Sports Network.

Beat fast

* Before the match, coach Stricklin announced that Cole Tate would miss a brief start for the next few weeks due to a stress fracture in his leg. Senior Josh McAllister got off to a short stop and scored 2 for 5 on the board with one pass and three assists.

* Graduate Ben Anderson increased his base streak to 31 games when he started walking to lead the match. He has taken a safe place in every game he has played this season.

* For the first time, the RBI singles player from Sophomore Parks Harbor has extended his hit streak to the top eight of his career. He had the streak to build his base in 10 consecutive games for the board, leading 7-7 with three walks in the last three games before coming in sixth. Tonight, it was 4 versus 2 with two rallies and two RBIs.

* Corey Acton’s single in the fifth inning gave him 14 games at the base line and a 9-8 lead. It was his first as a Bulldog and the eighth of his career. At night he was 4 high level RBI.

* Graduate Connor Tate has reached career heights with 5 RBIs for the fourth time.

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