Auburn, Ala. – No. for 17 hits with three shooters. 17 Auburn beat Samford, 4-1, at Plainsman Park on Tuesday night.

Mason Burnett, Chase Allspop and Jordan Armstrong combined to cover the distance, taking Samford goalless in the last eight frames. 17 strikes in a game this season was the second highest.

Coach Butch Thompson said: “Overall, it was like a job and we won.” “We’ve found a way to play defensively clean baseball and run in three of the last four innings.”

Samford (15-15) put the first three players on his back and scored a double in the opening frame, but Burnett (2-1, 4.70) kept the Bulldogs goalless for the rest of his game. The right-handed batsman finally left the last eight with five for six.

“I give credit to Mason,” Thompson added. “He came back with four more games. His equipment improved and he was able to land on three courts and throw more punches. ”

“I was out of rhythm to start the first one,” Barnett said. “Then I was able to do some pitching to get a nice connection and get that double play which was huge. This kind of game forced me to leave. ”

With Burnett Samford in control, Auburn (23-10) tied the score with a third. Casson Howell hit a single from the left field wall and Cam Hill stole a second before hitting him with an RBI single.

The Tigers continued scoring in the fifth half according to the rules. Brody Moore hit a shot to the right, giving Jake and Yandt a 2-1 lead from the third.

Alsup goes to the break to start the sixth inning, and the newcomer scores the best five of the eight hits he has faced in two goalless rounds.

Auburn added his advantage in the bottom seventh. Howell created a triple lead on the right deep field and eventually scored his second RBI goal in the No. 1, competition from RBI to Brady Moore.

Howell said it is important to have consistency on the board. “When you have a performance tip tonight like our staff, our job as strikers is to kick more than any other team.”

Bobby Pierce added some insurance to lead the Tigers in a separate race in eighth place. Homer was Auburn Pierce’s first and crowned goal in the match.

Armstrong went into the last two rounds and hit the last six players that he faced for the first save of the season.

Howell and Moore each hit two hits a night, each hitting an extra base. Blake Rambush scored his 52nd best score of the season as it was 8th 52nd.

“We have great confidence in this team,” Howell said. “We pay a lot of attention to our daily lives and let the results take care of themselves, which gives us that confidence.”


Auburn will be on the road this weekend for the Thursday-Saturday series against Mississippi State. The first pitch is set in the SEC network at 6pm on Thursday in City.

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