The request of Public ministry It is within case 04 of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, that investigates the territorial situation that occurred in Urabá, in which it requests that they receive in individual proceedings the women ex-combatants of block 57 of the extinct FARCso that they can render declarations of reserved, free and spontaneous wayabout his condition victims of abortion, forced planning, prostitution and sexual slavery.

The request is made after the attorney will analyze the statements received by a former combatant of the aforementioned front and other women belonging to different structures, in addition to two former guerrilla leaders, who report the occurrence of systematic abortion practices and forced planning within the exFARC.

When speaking the women who belonged to that guerrilla of individually and confidentially before the JEP it is guaranteed to be able to know the truth about sexual violence.

In these same observations, the control entity warns that the responsibility in the practice of kidnapping and use of means and methods prohibited by International Humanitarian Lawsuch as antipersonnel mines, cylinder bombs and dynamite in attacks and occupations of populations, must be transferred to all former members of the 57th front of the extinct guerrilla.