The man who has played more games than any other skater in NHL history has taken the ice for the last time.

Marleau has spent most of his career with the San Jose Sharks since being elected by the franchise in the second general election in 1997. The first spell was made with the 42-year-old in the 2016-17 season before signing with Toronto Maple. Leafs in July 2017. He traded with the Carolina Hurricanes in June 2019, re-signed with the Sharks in October 2019, traded with the Pittsburgh Penguins in February 2020, and finally returned to his original team in October 2020.

Marlow played 56 games for the Sharks in the 2020-21 season, scoring four goals and five assists in his last active season. He led the NHL in four games and appeared in 11 regular season competitions 11 times.

The resident of Anaroid, Saskatchewan, Marleau, on April 20, 2021, broke the record of 1,767 games in the game Hall of Famer Gordy Howe. Marleau is the all-time leader of the Sharks in goals (522), points (1111), games (522). 1,607), power goals (163), short goals (17) and winning goals (101).

He won a pair of Olympic gold medals with Team Canada in 2010 and 2014, and won the World Championships with the Canadians in 2003 and the World Cup in 2004. Marleau was three-time All-Star and twice nominated for Mrs. Bing Cup.