Gerardo Peluso, Uruguayan coach who was crowned champion of the South American Cup with Independent Santa Fe In 2015, he was seriously concerned about the current status of the Bogota team. For Peluso, it is a different team and that sees “adrift”.

“Santa Fe is not the same club that I knew there between 2010 and 2017, it is another club”, commented the strategist in dialogue with WinSports.

And he added: “that Santa Fe was handled differently, it had a president like César Pastrana who for me was a master in choosing teams because there we were not only lucky enough to winmany coaches, many soccer players won there, they changed teams, but the organization came from above and was very well done”.

Pelusso praised the current coach of the Bogota team, his compatriot Alfredo Arias, although he recalled that other good coaches passed through the club without luck in recent years.

“I think that does not happen today in Santa Fe, today is another club, I see it adrift. I’m going to be cruel with what I’m saying, but I don’t see it well. They have a great coach like Alfredo Arias, but very good coaches have passed by and they haven’t been able to”, he concluded in this regard.