Ad portas of the event possession of Gustavo Petro next Sunday, August 8, the controversy continues over the acts of transmission of presidential command that exceeded those stipulated in 2018 by Iván Duque.

Gustavo Petro made it clear that on his arrival in power he will break all the protocols established in the acts of transmission of presidential command in Colombia, for this he was awarded a contract on July 25 to the firm from Antioquia Plaza Mayor Medellinfor a total amount of 3,571 million pesos, of which 2,400 million pesos correspond to the act of transfer of command.

This same firm was in charge of the event of possession of Ivan Duke in 2018, which cost a total of 3,288 million pesos, but did not include the cultural programming that Petro will have, which will have 70 cultural acts and 1,000 artists on stage.

The Duke’s possession It was attended by 3,000 people including journalists, mayors, deputies, governors and special guests. In Petro, at least 100,000 will attend in the squares of Bogotá, taking into account that there will also be different cultural activities in Parque Santander, Plazoleta del Rosario, Plaza de las Nieves and Parque de los Periodistas.

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Another of the particular aspects that the petro’s possessionis that it will have the installation of screens on the Seventh and Eighth races that will be flooded with comparsas, and at 10 in the morning of August 7, a display that represents the Carnival of Blacks and Whites.