Radius Snail first learned that the Attorney General’s Office summoned for next week all those involved in the scandal of the Salitre Wastewater Treatment Plant (PTAR).

The Public Ministry summoned the mayor of Bogotá, claudia lopez; to the director of the CAR of Cundinamarca, Luis Fernando Sanabria; to the manager of the Aqueduct, Christina Arango; to the legal representative of the CEPS contractor, Gloria Giraldoand the engineer Luis Paul Navarromanager of the intervenor IVK, to an extraordinary meeting to seek an agreed solution to the problems that have been revealed on Caracol Radio in the operation of the Salitre WWTP.

According to the documents known by Caracol Radio, the meeting was scheduled for Thursday, August 11, but it was brought forward to this Tuesday, August 9 at 9 a.m..

The change of date will allow us to have more time to find concerted solutions taking into account the upcoming termination of the contract and the risk that this implies for the beneficiary population of the project”, indicates the Attorney General’s Office.

The Public Ministry also recognizes a risk for the beneficiary population of this PTAR Salitre project, essential for sanitation and recovery of the Bogotá River.