After defining the new list of candidates for the Comptroller Generalafter being involved in the midst of resignations and controversies, the president of Congress Roy Barreras announced at 6AM that next Monday, August 8, the ministers will file the nnew reforms: tax, anti-corruption, agrarian and others.

“On Monday, August 8, the ministers of the new government will file the reforms in bench workshops and that is what the benches that we are going to convene on Tuesday are for, to generate all the possible consensus“, said.

The politician said that despite the attempts to sabotage the election of the Comptrollerthe Accidental Commission met and the candidates were elected in a public hearing, which represents “another victory for the Government caucus, added to the approval of the Escazu Agreement and the peace seats“.

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“Yesterday we were correcting those mandates of the judges that had errors and shortcomings. They thought that there was an order from the president to remove candidates and they beheaded the candidate who had the best academic achievements“, he assured.