The guy, Steve Ballmer, had to feel really good when he first met Paul George and Kohi Leonard. I mean Steve Ballmer raised an enthusiastic crowd for good or good “Christmas morning gifts as a kid”. It was as if I had just bought a new Xbox and I was hardly able to drive home below the speed limit.

And boy, new Xbox fun. You’ve probably been playing it for a year. Hello and Gears of War is great, but before you use A, B, X and Y on top of squares, circles, triangles and X in a season of NCAA college football, you’ll get the red ring of death, and your or her Microsoft has nothing.

Unlike the much-neglected Xbox, the Clippers still have a chance to win the title promised by Leonard and George, but that hasn’t happened this year. Tie Louis tried his best to get the team past the season, but there was still a flaw in the system, a positive COVID test forced George to sit out of the team’s final game, 105 – 101 Swans loss Friday night.

(If you ask, yes, I will continue to milk that agreed analogy for $ 375 which cost me that junk piece. I still play PlayStation 3 even though it feels like a jet engine because uncharted games are fun to watch again and because they Still running.)

I suspect that any Los Angeles fan has been involved in the Clippers Fandom the way they got involved in inferior Microsoft technology after successfully running a multi-storey franchise like PlayStation or Lakers, and how can you blame someone who was dumb enough to try to reverse in the past? ? Clippers feel like a franchise like a lifeless piece of technology. If the count exists as “written history”, they will have a spade.

I’ve written an article about other NBA teams in Los Angeles a few times, and it may be that I’m not as good a writer as I think, but no one has read it. However, I don’t think anyone reads these pieces because the clippers do not evoke emotion in any way.

It is difficult to find an angle when writing about clippers because they are clippers. Donald Sterling was fired from the property, and every player on the team still plays basketball as if they hated life. Fans in Los Angeles didn’t like the team adding a few talents to their hometown. If anything, it has betrayed the two superstars for not going to the Lakers and made the franchise even more annoying.

Yes, LeBron James and Anthony Davis had an embarrassing season all year, but they did win the title. Surprisingly, the Lakers were under more pressure than Lou’s extra achievement without his top players.

If you want, you can call the loss of clippers to the Pelicans on Friday night a chore. Three people are awake with five minutes left. But the real losing opportunity was to get the MVP and All-NBA winger to make it to the Western Conference Final in their first game in three years, as well as against Minnesota on Tuesday night when George played and the team still scored 10. -Point lead. A play-off berth in the fourth quarter and for the team whose best players had the wrong problems throughout the game.

We have reached the point where we hope this team will fight for the title. They can add all the stars, coaches, arenas and Microsoft fans they can buy and the end result will be the same. The promotion comes their way because they are in LA and they have legitimately great players. Basketball writers are forced to talk about clippers in the same way they talk about Brooklyn.

Well done guys. One way to find teams in the major markets that promote combined “meh” It’s like buying a Ferrari SUV. You can brag about living in Los Angeles or New York or buying a 300,000 car of your choice, but that doesn’t make it great. Kevin Durant and Kiri Irving both provide the least interesting or foreign quotations.

I ended up pretending to be excited about the Clippers story. The only reason I write this is because I have an XBox resemblance to working on two levels, I have a passion for Microsoft and it’s fun to watch expensive billionaire games.

Wait, does “extra team thinning” count as an emotion? Yes it is ?! Well, damn, I guess congratulations to the Clippers – because playoffs aren’t.

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