The Republican Senator Ted Cruz presented to the Upper House two bills that directly involve Colombia.


The first bill has to do with the reintroduction of the FARC to the list of terrorist organizations of the United States and the sanctions to the group as well as to allied partners.

“The FARC continue to be a threat to the security of Colombia and the interests of the United States for the region,” Cruz said and attacked the Biden government, “last week Republican representatives announced that the administration could destroy assistance for former FARC terrorists “.

Ted Cruz hinted that to the Biden administration, promoted the elections in Colombia in favor of Gustavo Petrowhen weeks before the voting, the White House announced that it would remove the extinct FARC guerrilla from the list of terrorist groups in the United States.

“My bill is the first step to restore US policies toward Colombia,” the senator said. He stated that the policy must be “recalibrated” towards the new Petro government.


The second bill that Ted Cruz introduced this Thursday is called “the precautionary law”, which, according to Ted Cruz, would serve to institutionalize surveillance for the verification of transparency in the use of Colombian resources.

“This bill will condition all of our aid based on which path Petro chooses to follow. If Petro cuts defense coordination with the United States, the law will ensure that there is no more money for security in Colombia. If he cuts cooperation in drug trafficking, there will be no more money for the fight against drugs. And if you refuse to help stop illegal immigration, there will be no more money for development assistance,” Cruz said.

During the plenary Ted Cruz assured that The United States must not support “Marxists in Latin America, Any socialist leader who chooses the path of Marxism must be held accountable and will not be able to have funds from the taxes of Americans, to undermine our nation.”

Ted Cruz also attacked the incoming government of Gustavo Petro, whom he said will be cautious. “This weekend, on Sunday, Colombia will become the 10th country in the region to be controlled by the radical left, when the new president of the country, Gistavo Petro takes power. I am worried that once it does, Colombia will be part of the anti-American forces in Latin America,” Cruz said.