After the inauguration of Gustavo Petro as president of Colombia and the arrival of a left-leaning government in the country, in the region begin to take shape blocs alienated from their ideological affinities.

Currently in Latin America there are 43 countries and territories that, after August 7, are divided into: two countries of extreme rightthree countries of extreme left12 countries of moderate left and 26 of moderate right.

The immediately nearby panorama for Colombiain South America, there a far right country (Brazil), a country of the extreme left (Venezuela), three moderate right countries (Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay) and five moderate left countries (Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina).

Although the ideological trend has marked divisions in the way of relating between countriesit is expected that the closeness that moderate governments have with the ideologies of the center will allow strengthen regional unity and initiate a new era of Latin American cooperation.

This is the list of Latin countries with the ideological tendency of their governments: