Are you finding the details of which men’s soccer player is best in the world’s top list? Football has been the heart-winning game of all time across the world. It comes with over 3.5 billion fans. So, you’re wondering which male soccer player is giving big sliders to opponents?

However, many people also lose bets on the best male soccer players in soccer betting . But the clear answer to this curiosity is not yet fully known. The debate over the best football player in the football industry is still ongoing.

So, if you’re curious enough to know the top 10 male soccer players, you’ve landed on the right platform! We’ll walk you through all of this.

10 highest rated male soccer players in 2022

After extensive research and analysis, we have noted down the top 10 male football players in the industry today. However, this list may vary depending on the players’ efficiency or performance.

So let’s start!

1.Lionel Messi
Age: 34
Team: Paris Saint-Germain/Argentina

Messi is one of almost everyone’s favorite soccer players. He is known for scoring over 672 goals now in his football history. And you know what? He scored those 672 goals in just 778 games he played for Barcelona. Nobody can do football magic like Lionel Messi! You can consider him as the highest rated football player on the planet these days.

2.Cristiano Ronaldo
Age: 36
Team: Manchester United/Portugal

If you are a football fan at heart, Cristiano Ronaldo should be your role model. His story shows us his continual progress and journey to better circumstances than ever before. He is famous for scoring advantage in several matches against different teams. Other than that, he showed with his actions that he could keep the momentum going regardless of which club he joins.

3.Robert Lewandowski
Age: 33
Team: Bayern Munich/Poland

If we consider Robert Lewandowski as one of the best players of 2022, there would be nothing wrong. He scored nearly 41 league goals in his career. He is also responsible for many FIFA Club World Cup victories. Decisions compiled from current coaches of different football teams place him among the best football players.

4.Mohamed Salah
Age: 29
Team: Liverpool/Egypt

He will be known as the most recognized football player in Egypt and around the world in 2022. He satisfied his fans by scoring around 32 league goals for Egypt. He has also scored 44 goals in his 52 matches so far. In addition, he also secured the position of Premier League Player of the Year and Golden Shoe winner.

5.Kevin De Bruyne
Age: 30
Team: Manchester City/ Belgium


He is the only player with the technical ability to dominate every game he plays for his team. He is blessed with eagle-eyed sharpness to score many goals in games. Kevin de Bruyne is supported by a professional team that adds more to his efficiency and accomplishments. He added around 120 goals to the football industry.

6.Karim Benzema
Age: 34
Team: Real Madrid/France

Are you a Real Madrid fan? Of course, you will be if you know Karim Benzema. He has scored 14 goals in 15 games so far. He is known for working hard for his team, regardless of their weaknesses. His ongoing struggle to perform even better makes him one of the highest rated footballers in 2022. He has surpassed his role as leader of Real Madrid.

7.Erling Haaland
Age: 21
Team: Borussia Dortmund/Norway

One of the qualities that make him one of the top 10 soccer players around the world is his consistency and dedication to perform at his best in the next game. He is considered one of the youngest footballers, setting standards with his peak performance in every game. Furthermore, he was selected in 211 voting lists out of 219, which makes his fans fall in love with him even more.

8.N’Golo Kante
Age: 30
Team: Chelsea/France

N’Golo Kanté is a true inspiration for football lovers struggling to break into the industry. You won’t get tired of telling your story to everyone. At first, he was rejected by Clairefontaine’s academy. But, he didn’t give up hope and tried his best. After that, he reached the FA Cup and the World Cup. What other reasons do you want to support him?

9.Harry Kane
Age: 28
Team: Tottenham Hotspur FC

He found his place in the hearts of football lovers in 2017 and 2018. He started his goal-scoring journey in those years. He scored nearly 30 goals in the Premier League and 41 in all other competitions. He was also awarded the most Premier League player of the month. He is also considered one of the leading and enthusiastic footballers in 2022.

Age: 30
Team: Chelsea/Italy

He is known as Chelsea’s most lauded and highly technical midfielder. He has gained fame in recent years with his improved ability to catch short passes when possible during play. He never fails to let his team set standards for the next game. In addition, he is scoring goals with his quality to dedicate the game rhythm in possession of the ball in each match