This match will set the record for the largest fight presence in Europe of the 21st century – the stage for these two British boxers.

In recent years, hostility between rival fighters has become predominant in the preparation of some heavyweight matches, but it is very different.

There is a clear mutual respect between Fury and Whyte; In fact, at Wednesday’s press conference, Fury hinted at their stay together a decade ago when the pair will face off at training camp.

Daniel Kinahan: The so-called president
Much has changed since Fury and Waite were newcomers – a “wonderful ride” as Fury called it – and both are now the main attractions of one of the biggest nights in boxing history.

“We haven’t done anything wrong, have we?” Dr. was angry.

One man who knows Manconian well is former heavyweight champion Joseph Parker, who helped prepare Fury for Saturday’s fight.

“It’s going to be a tough fight, a good fight,” Parker told CNN Sport. “Both of them were preparing very well. One of them will be expelled.”

This “person,” he identifies, is Whyte. Parker added with confidence, “Tyson will hit him in the middle round, between five and nine.”

Heavyweight boxing has had many memorable fights in recent years, with Fury taking part in many of the best, and Parker believes Saturday’s fight is “really there.”

“It’s number one at the top.” He said. “Of course the biggest crowd [in Europe] and you have two of the best heavyweight fighters.

“She’s breaking a lot of records and I think everyone is excited about the fight.”

Tyson Fury insists Saturday’s fight will be his last.
The fight has also generated additional interest as it took place in the backdrop of the US State Department’s offer of up to $ 5 million in reward for information leading to the arrest of Irish “international organized criminals”, especially Daniel Kinahan, who could arrest both Irish. Last year had a big impact on the boxing world.
Kinahan’s connection to boxing comes through his past relationship with MTK Global, whose most famous client organization is heavyweight champion Fury. On Wednesday, MTK Global announced that it was shutting down operations.

“As a business, we have faced unprecedented levels of investigation and unfair criticism since the US government imposed sanctions on Daniel Joseph Kinhan,” MTK Global said in a statement.

“It has been publicly stated that Mr Kinhan’s involvement with MTK ceased in 2017, and despite repeated assurances to this effect, there are unsubstantiated allegations of his continued involvement with us and our fighters.

“Since the major promoters have now informed us that they will sever all ties with MTK and no longer work with our fighters, we have made a tough decision to close the operation by the end of this month.”

Farewell angry?

Fury has not fought on British soil since winning against Seferi and Francesco Pianeta in 2018.

Since then, Deonte Wilder has fought three times in the United States, drawn once and won twice, to win and then retain the WBC heavyweight title.

It says something about Fury’s appeal and extraordinary popularity among British boxing fans that 94,000 tickets for Saturday’s match sold out within hours of its release in March.

They did not miss the opportunity to watch Fury Fight for thousands of fans.

Tyson defeated Dionette Wilder in his third knockout match in the Fury Triathlon.
In the years following his last fight in Britain, fans stood for the first hour to watch his fights or, in the case of about 20,000 diehards, fly to Las Vegas to see them in person.

But perhaps the reason this war has held the nation’s imagination is because it seems to be the end of Fury.

At the age of 33, and reaching the top of boxing in multiple events in his illustrious 14-year professional career, the Manchester-born fighter said he would hang up his gloves after Saturday’s match.

When Fury announced the first demand at a press conference in March, most took his word for it with a pinch of salt. It seems there is still much to be achieved for Fury; Britain’s much-anticipated showdown against Anthony Joshua or the unification fight of the World Heavyweight Championship against Alexander Yusik after the breakup of the Ukrainian Joshua in September.

In Tuesday’s open practice near Wembley Stadium, Fury reiterated that demand with increasing enthusiasm.

Tyson Fury defeated Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 in the biggest heavyweight match of all time.
“I know nobody trusts me because they all think I’m behind money or something,” Fury told Top Rank. “I am leaving. I have nothing to prove to anyone, I did what I had to do.
“I always planned to leave, and here we are. The great Julius Caesar once said, ‘There will always be someone else to fight.’ One million young people are coming there. ”

“You can’t go on forever, just like Vladimir [Klitschko] Joe Lewis, Mike Tyson and Linux Lewis couldn’t kiss me. Every good dog has a day. ”

These may not be Caesar’s exact words, but Fury’s claim carries a suffix that has never been used before.

Additionally, Parker told CNN that he thinks Fury is “very loyal” when he talks about his upcoming retirement.

Opportunity to puncture

But it would be a huge loss for Whyte, most of whom is a serious and dangerous contender, to say that expectations about this fight were only due to Fury.

Even forgetting his strength and skill, Whyte’s lone appetite makes him a formidable enemy. That chance of a world title is long overdue – and well deserved – and the 34-year-old is still ready to take it in both hands, with multiple reports claiming it was the most intense training ever. His life camp.

Oddly enough, the two fighters first met in preparation for the fight at Wednesday’s press conference. In fact, according to Fury, this is the first time they’ve seen each other personally in “years.”

Dillian Whyte finally gets a chance to fight for the WBC heavyweight title.
Whyte has refused to take part in any promotional work – not even attending last month’s launch press conference – due to a reported dispute over his wallet share, among other things.

“Every story has two sides,” he told the group’s media on Wednesday.

“You hear a lot because they say a lot. Because I don’t say anything, they say you’re scared or hiding. ”

However, the London-born fighter said that the hype surrounding the fight was due to his anger.

“There were three big fights against Deontay Wilder and none of them sold out,” Whyte told Sky Sports.
“Tyson Fury is not the giant star that everyone says he is not. The fight was sold out at Wembley because it was Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte, Tyson Fury and no one else.

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