People from different parts have indicated that they have seen ufo and, even, some have come to affirm that they have been victims of abductions. However, this is where humanity has decided to question itself for years: how true is it that there is life on other planets? And how much risk do we run if there are? aliens?

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With these concerns, humanity has promoted research and has allocated large amounts of money to determine if life as we know it could be at risk from beings from other planets.

The Pentagon recently declassified more than 1,000 UFO documents. However, the novelty of these documents is that it is information focused on events where living beings have experienced what appears to be UFO attacks. Likewise, in these there are stories of people who have been left with burns or with different physical conditions due to being near these ships or due to cases of abductions. However, beyond the versions of the people, this is still being investigated, since they are only records where the only proof is those who claim to have experienced this type of event.

On the other hand, since 2017 everything we knew about the UFO phenomenon changed, this is because the different leaks of the UFO began. Pentagon, of the North American entity that handles information of this type. In December of that year, videos of pilots and soldiers who had been behind unidentified flying objects, better known as UFOs, were leaked. They also came to light confidential documents on how people who have had contact with UFOs went through sequelae such as fever, headache, sweaty hands, hair loss or rhinitis.

Regarding the consequences, the Pentagon has mentioned in its reports that they would be very possibly related to the propulsion system of these unidentified flying objects. However, at the moment there is no evidence that these ships have a system from which gases come out that could affect society. Just as there is no evidence that these testimonies are true.

In these Pentagon reports, there are 129 cases of abductions, that is, 129 people whose freedom has been violated and violated by the members of these ships of unknown origin. Given the concern that these beings exist and that what these people mention is true, the military have decided to risk their lives to investigate this issue.

UFOs: are they a threat?

Despite the fact that many people in the world claim to have had contact with aliens or UFOs and that they ended up with many sequels, even the human species questions the possibility that this issue is true. However, with the reports from the Pentagon, a larger door is opened, where one can come to think that these beings exist and that they have approached Earth on all those occasions.

On the other hand, there are more and more theories and the access and distribution of information today has allowed more people to be knowledgeable about this topic and investigate. However, at the moment what experts point out is that, although it is not known for sure if these beings exist and if they will harm us or not, what can be done is to prepare ourselves as a species to prevent something bad from happening to us.