Independent Medellin Y Equity They added a new tie in their walk through the Colombian League. This time on date 6 in a game that ended 1-1 and was affected by the weather, with a downpour that stopped the engagement for about half an hour.

The Powerful began by setting the conditions in the commitment, trying to do damage from the sides and also taking advantage of the midfield with players like Andrés Ricaurte.

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The first goal came very early in the match. About minute 9, Diber Cambindo had a moment of lucidity and in a good personal move, assisted Miguel Monsalve on the left sector, who ‘chopped’ the ball over the humanity of goalkeeper Washington Ortega.

Minutes after the start of the second half, the central judge decreed the suspension of the match, since the rain increased to the point that there was a thunderstorm.

After almost half an hour after the game was suspended, it restarted and the main loser was the local team, who saw about 57′ Pablo Sabbag sent to save the ball with a header after a cross from Breiner Aragón on the left side.

In this way, both teams reached 4 draws in the tournamentbeing so far the ones with the most equalities in the tournament.

Medellín, which will face in the next game Junior, reached 7 units in the tournament, while La Equidad, which will receive the Americareached the same number of points.