What a sad month for hockey icons. We lost this week to Guy Laflur, a man who died at the age of 70 after a long battle with lung cancer. Days ago, we lost Mike Posey at the age of 65. He also died of lung cancer.

A few days after his death, Posey was in the news again – as Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals spent most of his ninth 50-goal season with Posey and Wayne Gretzky.

This sparked a discussion about GOAT’s goal-scoring in this week’s Daily Faceoff roundtable. Who is the best goal scorer of all time? Is it Posey, Ovechkin, Gretsky, or someone else?

Scott Burnside: Ohm One Ward Wayne Gretzky. Well, those two. Try it: Wayne. All of these other players are great in their own way, and their stories are always worth telling and retelling. But there is only one Gretzky, and while I agree that Alex Ovechkin will hunt “The Great One,” now the 894-goal mountain king is Gretzky. Others like Mike Bassi and Mario Lemieux have both been hurt and seen their careers fall short. What would have happened to them is a valid question, but we are dealing with the reality of what we have achieved, and Gretzky’s skill in the game, and especially in goal-scoring, is unmatched. One of the most interesting observations for me is that Gretzky ranks 17th yHe scored all 204 goals in a power game, 81 less than Ovechkin, although Gretzky finished first in 73 of all-time short goals. This reinforces Gretzky’s unparalleled dominance when it comes to the most important aspect of the game’s most difficult times. Bar in the game. That’s enough.

Matt Larkin:This is Alex Ovechkin, whether he did it in 894 and beyond, although I will forever defend Gretzky as the most influential team athlete in history. It is more important to judge the output of a player than his peers, and no player has led his peers more goals than Ovechkin. Between the 2004-05 shutdown and the short seasons of 2012-13, 2019-20 and 2020-21, I estimate that about 150 matches were stolen in Ovechkin’s career due to ill health. He dealt with his losses in far less time than targets like Gretzky, Mike Bosi or Brett Hall. Ovechkin has the highest league scoring rate of his career, scoring 6.26 goals per game this season. Gretzky has played 16 seasons with a league average, and Bosi has played 10 seasons with a high average. Ovechkin was a more influential sniper for that era.

Mike McKenna:I think it depends on Posey and Ovechkin. And I give Ovechkin a consent. Running nine seasons in a row in the NHL over 50 was an incredible and endless goal – he dropped to 38 in his final year before retiring from the NHL. I have always been fascinated by Bassey since I can’t remember seeing him play, when his career was almost 4 years old. If he is able to stay healthy, like Mario Lemieux, this conversation can be very different. Although Ovechkin has not scored 50 goals in nine consecutive seasons, I believe he is the best because of his longevity. Ovechkin is 16 years into his NHL career, and at 36, he still revolves around the 50-goal-per-season mark. It’s ridiculous. Even a great player like Brett Hall has seen his points dwindle over time. Not ovechkin. And in a three-season deal with the Washington Capitals’ first all-powerful playing unit, it’s only a matter of time before “OV” breaks Gretzky’s goal-scoring record. This is the goat – as Austin Mathews proved a decade ago.

Chris Gere: With due respect to the other players being considered here, it’s Mario Lemio. Although Super Mario is the only XI in the list with 690 goals, he has achieved this feat in only 915 matches. This is an incredible average of 0.75 goals per match, much higher than the 0.6 goals per match set by “Great One” or “Great One”. We may never see a player who can hang on one back and the other literally climb on his back. In front of her was volume power but soft skis and silky sniper gloves. If the injury and cancer attack hadn’t derailed many of his seasons, which eventually led to a premature retirement, Lemieux can’t wait to tell you where he will end up on the all-time list. I think he definitely got a chance to be at the top of the list, so he’s at the top of the list.

Frank Saravalli: There are many great answers to this question, which is why it is one of the best hockey debates of all time. No one chose the surprise of Surat. My answer is Ovechkin. But I have a somewhat bold prediction: when all is said and done, Austin Mathews will be the highest scorer in the National Hockey League. Consider this: Matthews has scored 257 goals in 404 games in his career. McKenna and Larkin chose Ovechkin, who needed 801 career games to score 500 goals. If Matthews maintains momentum in the last two seasons, he will score 500 goals in just 700 games, 101 fewer than Ovechkin needs. (To back up Scott’s pick: Gretzky hits 500 in an amazing 575 game.) Much of this seems to be reflected on health, but Mathews scores so easily, with so much confidence, That the pace of these last two seasons seems to be quite repetitive. It really made it to the New Year, too. I never thought we would see 50 out of 50 again – officially or “informally” – and I think Matthews’ argument is likely to turn around in a relatively short time.