Master? Let’s say! In a sense, this match could be the deciding factor for the Premier League this season. Manchester City are at the top with 72 points from 30 matches and one point more in equal matches. After that there will be 6 matches left.

Liverpool is going to be the guest in that Man City field today. Liverpool, who are 12 points behind City at the start of the year, have narrowed the gap to make the match so interesting, but Guardiola’s side’s victory could add to Liverpool’s hard work today. However, in the next 6 matches, the path is more difficult for Liverpool.

Statistics and records are not far behind either of the two teams today. Liverpool have won their last ten matches in the league. City have lost two of their last five matches, but have won six of their last nine at home. Liverpool have won one of their last five matches, while City have won two. All in all, Liverpool have not lost to City in 4 matches since November 2019.

And in Etihad? Liverpool’s last match against City was on April 10, 2016, but it was in the Champions League match. Liverpool last lost to Etihad in the league on 21 November 2015, the first match against Liverpool City under the club. Guardiola is not yet City coach.

The club’s tactical battle with that Guardiola. On the field Salah vs. Silva, Thiago vs. De Bruyne, Cancello vs. Alexander-Arnold, von Dyke vs. Laporte, Alison vs. Ederson … the many battles are also bringing extra thrills.

Who will have a smile on his face today after winning those battles? Liverpool or City? You can express your opinion by taking part in the poll below.

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