The Baltimore Ravens battled injury in 2021. So much so that PFF’s Missing Injury (WAIL) statistics indicate that the Ravens lost about 2.86 wins last season. This would have put the team in the playoffs with a score of 10-7 or 11-6. Perhaps they were ahead of the Bengalis in North Asia. Lamar Jackson can run instead of Joe Barrow, who knows?

The point is that while everyone expects the Bengals and Desans to top the North Asian position by topping Watson Brown, the Ravens have become a serious threat not only to North Asia, but to the entire AFC.

This 2.86 WAIL mark makes the Ravens the sixth team since 2013 to lose more than two games due to injury. The other five teams are 2020 San Francisco 49ers, 2020 Dallas Cowboys, 2018 49ers, 2017 Green Bay Packers and 2013 Packers. Do you remember what each team did next season? I’m telling you.

The 2014 Packers have won 12 games and appeared in their first conference since 2010 when they won the Super Bowl. The 2019 players have won 49 of 13 games and lost to Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl. The 2021 Cowboys won their division for the first time in four years, had their biggest win since 2016 and lost on the Wild Card Tour, but had a chance to win if not on the tour. Arrival of Officers on Postal Prescott Road . The 2021 49ers won that match and then lost to Aaron Rogers to reach the NFC Championship, although that did not go unnoticed.From Jaquiski Tartt, 49 players will probably win that match. The only exception is the 2018 Packers, who have won just six games and fired Mike McCarthy on the spot, but I think it’s safe to call him a better coach than John Harbo McCarthy, so I doubt the Ravens will have the same fate in 2022.

But not only are the Ravens returning many of their talents in 2021, they have acquired talent through recruitment and free agency. Losing someone like Bradley Bozman usually ruined his power-up scheme, but by building Tyler Linderbaum, the Ravens were able to avoid it. The Ravens reasonably eliminated their respective best players during the draft, strengthening their offensive and secondary streak, leaving everything to the poorly performing receiver. Of course, you would think that the absence of Marquis Brown would weaken their passing attack, but the role of Richard Batman in the attack was very limited due to injury last year. If he’s healthy, Batman has a good chance of offensively slipping straight into Brown’s role. He may not be as fast as Brown, But he brings other skills to the table that Brown couldn’t fix. Also, no matter how Batman appears in 2022, scroll attacks will continue through Mark Andrews. Basically, the offensive position of the team that lost to Brown should not change at all.

AFC North is a battleground where three or four teams (don’t deny Mike Tomlin) could reach the playoffs next season. However, while all the attention is being drawn from the fresh-faced Cleveland Browns of the AFC Champions Bengals, the Ravens have quietly created one of the most complete rosters in the NFL. With the exception of any major injury in 2022, they will not only compete, they will continue to do so.